Trefecta: The E-Bike

trefecta military bikeTrefecta’s aim is to create the game, instead of changing it. The only way to truly differentiate is to start with a clean sheet. The Trefecta claims a new category of vehicles. Through advanced engineering and intelligent design they aim to develop unsurpassed excellence. The unique interaction between design, power and function results in a multi-purposed vehicle. Ultimately, providing a riding experience, freedom of any constraints and customized to every need.

This drive for innovation is also shown in Trefecta’s business model. A unique product needs a unique strategy. It starts with the aim of representing the ultimate value proposition in premium eMobility solutions. This is to be achieved in a multi-channel clicks and bricks strategy where a mix of in- and outsourced resources gives widespread technology and know-how. This allows a highly efficient development process in time and cost, and lets class and quality precede volume.

trefecta military bikeIn terms of its electric drive, the DRT packs a 4-kW motor, a 14-speed Rohlof Speedhub and a SmeshGear transmission. At low speeds, motor output is managed by a pedelec system aimed at maintaining an ideal blend of pedal assistance and battery usage. You won’t necessarily want to be pedaling when gunning for the top speed of 43.5 mph (70 km/h), so there’s also a right-handlebar throttle for cranking up motor power alone. The motor can send up to 184 lb-ft (250 Nm) of torque to the rear wheel.



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