The Most Expensive Dress in The World: Abaya

abaya_iconluxuryThe most expensive dress in the world is “Abaya” with the world’s rarest diamond at the centre of this amazing dress.  Debbie Wingham debuted what she said is the world’s most expensive dress. Is a red diamond-encrusted number valued at nearly $17.7 million. Dubbed the “Abaya,” the dress is a simple, loose black gown that Debbie Wingham modeled after a traditional North African and Arabic women’s’ style. She said she was inspired to create the design after visiting Dubai last fall.

abaya dress_iconluxuryThe explanation lies in the staggering number of red, black and white diamonds that it flaunts – some of the rarest and most expensive there are. The gems alone are valued at approximately $7.4 million, while the rest of the price is justified by the 200,000-plus hand stitches made with white gold thread of 14 carats. Its incredible.

diamond abaya_iconluxuryThe British designer Debbie did add her signature flair to the design: she adorned it with a large red diamond, an extremely rare and expensive stone. The number of stones in the Abaya were 3000 in total which included 50 2 carat flawless white diamonds, 50 2 carat flawless black diamonds, the beautiful Red diamond and 1899 pointer diamonds and 1000 pointer rubies. All the diamonds are set in Platinum.



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