Belvedere 007 Vodka limited edition

Belvedere, the world’s original luxury vodka, is delighted to be serving the legendary James Bond his vodka martini - marking a significant moment in the history of the iconic film series and the largest global partnership for Belvedere Vodka to date.

Belvedere 007 SPECTRE Bottle: the limited edition Belvedere 007 SPECTRE Bottle features the iconic James Bond gun barrel. A closer look reveals the mark of the SPECTRE organization and a recipe for the timeless Shaken Not Stirred 007 martini. Its available at premium retailers worldwide.

belvedere-saber_iconluxuryBelvedere 007 Silver Saber Bottle: the 1.75L limited edition Belvedere 007 Silver Saber Bottle features elegant lines and a polished metallic finish. Etched by laser, the iconic 007 mark illuminates in an homage to the cutting edge style celebrated by Belvedere and Bond. Its available at premium retailers worldwide.

belvedere3_iconluxuryBelvedere MI6 Bottle: the Belvedere MI6 Bottle replaced the iconic Belvedere Palace with the famous MI6 headquarters and switches the signature blue palette for a distinctive green, mirroring the secret spy agency‘s ink of choice. Only 100 collector’s edition Belvedere MI6 Bottles were produced.

belvedere-shaker_iconluxuryBelvedere 007 SPECTRE Shaker: prepare your Shaken Not Stirred martini in style with the Belvedere SPECTRE 007 Shaker. This limited edition pack features a Belvedere bottle in a distinctive and elegant stainless steel shaker. Pour every ingredients, add ice, shake, strain and serve in a chilled martini glass for the ultimate cocktail experience. It will be a really tasty experience!



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