Costumes Go Back to the ’60s: 11.22.63

Stephen King Thriller Costumes

11-22-63- costumesWith 11.22.63, the time-traveling, Stephen King-adapted thriller about trying to prevent the JFK assassination. Costumes designer Roland Sanchez got to recreate and reinterpret this incredible history. He used a perfect fit for exploring the futility of good intentions and the unintended consequences of revisionism.The costume designer enjoyed researching images from both eras and époque, along with watching Alfred Hitchcock films. 11-22-63-costumesSanchez referenced the classic “North by Northwest” in a finale scene featuring James Franco in a rust colored suit and his librarian love interest Sadie Dunhill (Sarah Gadon) in a silvery blue gray suit. Important to say that Sadie has strong-yet-feminine looks. “As (Sadie and Jake) cement their relationship you see it through their wardrobe” Sanchez says. As you can imagine, James Franco was pretty game for anything costume wise.

11-22-63-dresses“We never had to have that many fittings with him” he says. “Basically we would put things in his room and he’d walk onto the set. At the end, he’s such a wonderful guy.” Over in the costume department, Roland Sanchez also placed the utmost importance on getting everything right, especially when it came to outfitting the presidential duo for their ill-fated drive. When you see this series, it seems to be really in 1960, dresses, costumes, suits are perfect.

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